Benefits provided in preventive maintenance on your assets

Oct 8, 2020 | BLOG

Why is the fleet maintainer important

Having a maintenance plan makes a difference between companies that solve problems and those that anticipate them. #Waypointrecommend will teach you some benefits of having a platform that helps you with the preventive maintenance of your assets.

You will extend motor’s lifetime

You will reduce downtime of your machinery or vehicles: Schedule and carry out preventive maintenance reduce downtime by 60%, spending as little time as possible in detention. Since with scheduled maintenance, you will avoid unexpected failures.

You will extend motor’s lifetime

Comply with maintenance of lesser or greater relevance, helps to correct in time, avoiding major failures that reduce the motor’s lifetime.

You will reduce repair costs

By anticipating damage caused by wear and tear, you reduce to a minimum the need for corrective maintenance or extra expenses due to unforeseen events.

You will increase productivity

Keeping track on your assets maintenance will save management time, increase security and reduce the risk of having accidents due to technical failures.

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