Benefits provided by telemetry and CANBUS

Oct 8, 2020 | BLOG

Telemetry or tele-measurement, is the technology that allows the remote measurement of physical quantities and the subsequent sending of the information to the system operator. In this #Waypointrecommend post we want to mention some of the benefits that Telemetry provides:
1. Fuel savings
By knowing vehicles location, you keep track of the routes your drivers take and prevent them from using the vehicles for activities not related to their tasks, thus reducing the increase in fuel costs.
2. Smart routing optimization:
Through the combination of computer and geolocation systems, it is possible to acquire real-time data on vehicle performance, optimizing routes and delivery timing.

3. Canbus
By using Canbus in your vehicles, data delivery will increase dramatically. You will be able to obtain driving and operating data of your fleet or vehicles. Only using GPS, you will get positioning data, coordinates and time. By integrating Canbus, it will provide driving data, operation, consumption, alerts and more.

Visualize and manage, based on the internal data of all the vehicles and machinery in your fleet, with Telemetry, Canbus and OBDII technology that Waypoint has for you.

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